Elements of Website User Experience, Jesse James Garrett (2002)

“Elements of Website User Experience” is a concept introduced by Jesse James Garrett in his influential article “The Elements of User Experience” published in 2002. The article presents a framework for understanding and designing user-centered websites by breaking down the user experience into distinct elements.

Jesse James Garrett’s framework consists of five planes that collectively form the user experience:

  • Strategy: The top-level plane involves defining the purpose, goals, and objectives of the website. It encompasses understanding the target audience, identifying user needs, and aligning the website’s strategy with the overall business or organizational objectives.
  • Scope: The scope plane focuses on defining the features, functionalities, and content of the website. It involves determining what the website will deliver to users and the overall structure and organization of information.
  • Structure: The structure plane is concerned with organizing and arranging the content and functionality of the website in a logical and intuitive manner. It includes creating navigation systems, designing information architecture, and establishing the relationships between different website components.
  • Skeleton: The skeleton plane deals with the visual and interactive design of the website. It encompasses designing the layout, typography, color schemes, and visual elements to provide a visually pleasing and engaging user interface. It also involves considering usability principles and designing interactive elements such as buttons, forms, and other user interface components.
  • Surface: The surface plane relates to the presentation layer of the website. It involves the aesthetic aspects, including visual design, branding elements, and the overall look and feel of the website. This plane focuses on creating a cohesive and visually appealing user interface that aligns with the website’s purpose and audience.

By considering these five planes and their interrelationships, Jesse James Garrett’s framework helps designers and developers create websites that are user-centered, intuitive, and effective. It emphasizes the importance of aligning business goals with user needs and providing a positive user experience across all aspects of the website.

The Elements of User Experience framework has had a significant impact on the field of user experience design and has become a widely recognized and adopted approach for designing websites and other digital products. It has influenced the way designers and practitioners think about and approach the user experience, ensuring that websites meet the needs of their users and deliver value effectively.